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The Bucktail Cap in the Trunk:
More Secrets of Marienstadt

Return to the fictional town of Marienstadt, a Pennsylvania Dutch community in the Allegheny Highlands that readers fell in love with in The Whiskey Bottle in the Wall: Secrets of Marienstadt and The Christmas Daughter: A Marienstadt Story. In these thirteen stories you will once again walk the streets of Marienstadt where Chief of Police Henry Werner keeps things safe -- and interesting. Visit Lola’s Strudel Shop, Gretchen’s Calico Cuckoo Quilting Fabrics and Supplies, The Wilde Hotel and Tavern, and Opelt’s Wood. This time the citizens of Marienstadt make discoveries that lead them into secrets of the past and stories about the town’s founders. An old quilt in the attic of a renovated mansion tells the tale of one of the first Irish citizens, who came to build the railroad, then decided to take a wife. Mulligan Wolfe unearths an ancient journal hidden in his fireplace that leads him to discover the truth about one of Marienstadt’s most misunderstood citizens. Blaise Hanes recounts a time-worn legend about lost gold, sending Peeper on a mission to find it. In the title story Oliver unpacks a dilapidated trunk that contains a Union soldier’s cap decorated with a bucktail. With the help of Gretchen’s Uncle Ulysses he learns the story of four orphaned brothers who came from Germany and grew into men who fought in the Civil War as part of Kane’s Rifles, the 42nd Pennsylvania Regiment -- the famous Bucktails. 

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The Crazy Old Lady's Secret
Beacon Hill Chronicles: Volume 4

Return to Boston's Beacon Hill where the Thorndike mansion--the scene of imprisonment, murder, and hauntings--has been sold. Mattie and Stan are happy in their Cape Cod home. Viv and Joe have a new little daughter and their life in Boston's North End is good. Joe has a publishing contract to write a series of books on famous Boston crimes. Viv is actively involved in the city's art world. For awhile everything is bliss. But as Joe gets caught up in researching the 19th century murder of a prominent Beacon Hill physician, mansions on the Hill are being broken into and people die mystriously. At the opening of a posh new gallery, Viv and Joe meet the owner who seems to know more than anyone about a beautiful local artist who made scandalous paintings that shocked the Brahmins, but who died under mysterious circumstances. Then there is the new owner of GrammyLou's townhouse, an art dealer from Paris. Ramin Aria is devastatingly handsome, extremely wealthy, and completely mesmerized by Viv. 

With the help of the old historian, Doctor Anteus Roosevelt Jones, the feisty knitting shop owner, Calista Defarge, and defrocked monk, Brother Maksim Gromeyko, Viv and Joe get caught up in mysteries from long ago when they discover the crazy old lady's secret. Bonus Material: The book contains a gallery of images and descriptions of locations mentioned in the story.



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