Mark S. Williams and father Ted Williams, 1985


Mark S. Williams was born in Gloucester in 1952. He grew up in his family's home on Bass Avenue beside Good Harbor Beach (below). After attending St. Mel's Day School and St. Peter's Boys School where he played baseball and football, he attended the University of Southern Louisiana in Lafayette.

After graduation from college he attended the Commercial Dive School in California (below) and worked as a diver in Aberdeen, Scotland where he specialized in oil well ultra-sonics. He worked for the Atlantic Dive Company out of Gloucester before turning to fishing.

After fishing aboard a gill-netter he bought his first lobster boat, Chassea. After that boat sank he bought the Black Sheep and lobstered out of Gloucester for seventeen years.

In 1999, Mark began writing down the stories from his years as a fisherman. He filled 23 notebooks, long-hand, before he bought a computer and taught himself to type. In 2006 he published F/V Black Sheep through his own press, Silver Perch.

Mark Williams died on May 22, 2008 of a sudden heart attack. At the time of his death he was writing a book about his career as a commercial diver, as well as a novel, and a screenplay. He is buried in Calvary Cemetery next to his father Ted Williams (above), the football player, and in-sight of Good Harbor Beach which he lived next to for most of his life.

My house sits on a tidal marsh behind Good Harbor Beach.
I work on my lobster traps there and watch hawks soar.
- from F/V Black Sheep

Mark Williams
Mark Williams d uring dive school training


This beautiful video is the work of two Gloucester guys, Earl and Arch.
It is included here as a tribute to Gloucester and Gloucester fishermen.

Thacher Island Lighthouses behind Salt Island as seen from Good Harbor Beach

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